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Updated: Jan 26, 2020

The household cleaning products we all have been using over the years are pretty much all bad. These chemicals absorb into our bodies through our skin. Even if you wear gloves the fumes are inhaled and are very harmful. Also, these chemicals are washed down the drain, polluting our waterways and environment. Below are some of the products I have been using and I'm very happy with them. Safer laundry soap that works while making your clothes smell nice is hard to find. I've been using Biokleen which has acceptable ingredients for me. It smells nice and it works very similar to traditional laundry liquid. You will find C's and D's for individual ingredient scores for some of the cleaning products. Again, these products still seem to be better than traditional fully toxic chemical cleaners. The lower scores for ingredients are given even if there is slight skin irritation due to allergies or they are given if there are problems when using high concentrations - higher than are ever used in the actual product. Like anything, too much of a safe ingredient can be bad.

Seven Minerals Pure Castile Soap, Sweet Orange: The Unscented version is EWG Verified (the best rating possible). Use diluted for various purposes. I use the Sweet Orange version diluted as a foaming hand soap. It smells really nice! I buy it from Amazon.

Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Liquid Soap, Lavender: Another castile soap that you dilute for use. It smells really nice and gets an EWG score of "1" which is great. I buy it from Amazon.

Branch Basics - for household cleaning and laundry: You buy a concentrate which can be diluted with water for many purposes including hand and laundry soap (unscented). I haven't tried it as laundry soap but have used it for household cleaning and it works great. It gets an EWG score of "B". It contains Sodium Phytate (score of "D") which is apparently safe for skin but not that great for the environment (lakes, etc). I think it's still a good alternative to the common chemical cleaners for limiting contamination while transitioning to complete non-contaminating solutions.

ECOS (Earth Friendly Products) - Orange Plus All Purpose Cleaner: This is my favorite for cleaning because it gets an EWG score of "A" and smells really nice. I buy it from Amazon.

Biokleen: I've been using their laundry detergent and it works well and smells nice. It gets a "B" score for household products on the EWG site. I buy it from Amazon.

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