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Where To Buy

All of the products I have used can be purchased online and sometimes they can be found at stores such as Whole Foods or Sprouts.  I saw Sappho New Paradigm makeup at Neiman Marcus and I saw Juice Beauty and Puristry products sold at Anthropology so be on the lookout.  I shop at The Detox Market often.  I believe that we will be seeing many more non-toxic products in the future as more people realize that what we put on our skin goes into and affects our body.  Look for discounts on first purchases, free shipping amounts and rewards programs on websites which help to save money!

Stores that carry multiple brands:

Single brand/company:

There are so many more and I will add to this list.  If you find a product on one of the multiple brand websites above, you will most likely find a website for each individual brand.  Compare prices and discounts which may be better on one website versus another.  There are many of these websites out there now!  Spread the word!

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